Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday To Do

There is an assembly at the school and Sarah is hoping she will win an award. Unfortunately, I know who is winning it this month and it isn't her. Sometimes it's hard to be a kid. After the assembly I am watching a friend's baby while she and her hubby go out for their anniversary. Then picking Sarah up from school, hanging out there with a picnic lunch and going to a garden meeting at 1.
Then heading home for an hour to work, drop off a resume, drop off samples, and get up to Fairfield. Children's Hospital has satellite offices, so we don't have to go to Oakland for the Echo. Her appointment is at 3:15 today. I've seen enough echos that I think I'll have a good idea about her status during the scan.

Then home, rest, pizza and movie night at our house.

I'm tired just thinking about all of it.


Becky said...

Hope everything turned out ok with the test!

Picara said...

whew, it did. Thanks Becky!