Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Regime

Today is my second day at the gym.
Monday: 30 minutes treadmill and 30 minutes circuit training
Tuesday: 55 minutes treadmill and 35 minutes circuit training

So far only my shoulder are sore and tight, I had the weights a bit high yesterday. I want to work my way into this instead of go gung ho overboard and hurt myself. My plan is to slowly increase the speed on the treadmill. Right now I'm at 20 minute miles, which gets my heartrate to 105 and starts me sweating. I'm alternating a few laps at higher speed then back down. I'm concerned that I won't know if I'm overdoing it because my pulse doesn't go up too much anymore. I felt a bit dizzy when I got off the machine today, but it went away quickly. These medications scare me a little because I don't know how to trust my body anymore.

The circuit training was good, I fell right back into the swing of things. I'm weaker than I used to be, but still fairly respectable. I'm trying to use the highest weights that I can do 3 sets of 10 reps, then do one set of 5 reps at the next highest weight. That's where the shoulder soreness is coming in I think.

I start a circuit training class on Friday, it will track my progress over 8 weeks. I think by 4 weeks I will know if I'll join the gym on a contract, so I'll put off paying the registration fee till then and just use the guest pass I bought.

I'll start keeping track of my weight as well, just to see if this can kickstart some weight loss as well. I know I'll be more careful about food too, I'd hate to sabotage weightloss by eating crap and adding pounds.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bloglist thingie

I'm working on my list of blogs I read. I figured I could compile them in one place instead of just trusting my mac to always know what I'm thinking of when I type a few letters. So bear with me as I work my way through my serpentine thought processes of what blog leads to what. And you might just find some interesting reads out there.


I guess I was mistaken thinking that F wasn't ready. He asked if we could start filling out the homestudy paperwork. :) Now the real work begins.

Here's the last pic of the mural though. It's at Mary Farmar School in Benicia if anyone wants to come look. There's a League of Women Voters Garden tour starting at the school on Sunday, the 26th at 11:00 too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

annnd I'm back

Well that was a nice break. Spring has come and we've gotten out of our cold weather gloomy funk here. We've had a bit of a heat wave for the last few days so I'm ready for winter again.

Updates by topic:

My health= holding steady doing well. Yay for no news and no more suckiness. However I would recommend NOT doing a zoom tooth whitening. I had one done on Monday since I'm getting a crown next week and thought, hey, shouldn't I have my teeth as white as possible? But man it hurt and it hurt and my gums are burned. blech. And it was expensive to boot. So, in my experience, not worth it.

The kidlet= is doing well. Shhh, she might hear. We have taken a few trips and focused on spending good time with her and it is paying off. We're being more open and frank talking to her about her feelings when she visits her dad and it's helping. She's more able to calm down instead of be awful for days. And the skies open and the sun shines and angels sing when that happens. She's going to be in 2nd grade soon, finishing up this year with a bang. We painted a mural at her school this weekend. I need to finish up some details, but it's getting there. It has been a long time coming, I recieved the grant for it last June. @@ at myself.

F= had his 3 month follow up ultrasound in March and there has been no growth. Woohooo for that. So for now, we just keep on keeping on and go back in June for another U/S. He's feeling better and more positive now. Now, we just need to really discuss adoption and how it would work for us. But he keeps skirting the issue. So I think he's not ready yet. Which is a bummer for me, but understandable.
Before and after pics up above. The after is actually just after one day, not the whole painting. There is a lot more shading to do and more flowers and bugs to put in.