Wednesday, April 22, 2009

annnd I'm back

Well that was a nice break. Spring has come and we've gotten out of our cold weather gloomy funk here. We've had a bit of a heat wave for the last few days so I'm ready for winter again.

Updates by topic:

My health= holding steady doing well. Yay for no news and no more suckiness. However I would recommend NOT doing a zoom tooth whitening. I had one done on Monday since I'm getting a crown next week and thought, hey, shouldn't I have my teeth as white as possible? But man it hurt and it hurt and my gums are burned. blech. And it was expensive to boot. So, in my experience, not worth it.

The kidlet= is doing well. Shhh, she might hear. We have taken a few trips and focused on spending good time with her and it is paying off. We're being more open and frank talking to her about her feelings when she visits her dad and it's helping. She's more able to calm down instead of be awful for days. And the skies open and the sun shines and angels sing when that happens. She's going to be in 2nd grade soon, finishing up this year with a bang. We painted a mural at her school this weekend. I need to finish up some details, but it's getting there. It has been a long time coming, I recieved the grant for it last June. @@ at myself.

F= had his 3 month follow up ultrasound in March and there has been no growth. Woohooo for that. So for now, we just keep on keeping on and go back in June for another U/S. He's feeling better and more positive now. Now, we just need to really discuss adoption and how it would work for us. But he keeps skirting the issue. So I think he's not ready yet. Which is a bummer for me, but understandable.
Before and after pics up above. The after is actually just after one day, not the whole painting. There is a lot more shading to do and more flowers and bugs to put in.

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Zombie Mom said...

Love the mural - and I have been thinking about that tooth lightening procedure- but burnt gums- blecht!