Thursday, November 13, 2008


So it begins. I had my day 3 FSH levels checked this week. Our gestational carrier will get her pretesting done next week. I think. It's all tied to cycle times etc.
I have normal FSH levels. Which is good. At least one part of me isn't screwed up.

If all goes according to plan and there are no screwups we will transfer between Jan 15 and Feb 15 2009. It sounds like a long wait, but it's less than 60 days.

I have a lawyer set up for the contracts, therapist set up for the testing and financing somewhat shakily arranged. I have picked the Canadian pharmacy we'll use for some meds along with the meds from our RE. I have researched induced lactation and set up my plan for meds once we get a positive pregnancy test. My OB is okay with prescribing the domperidone, even though we'll have to get it from Canada. She just wants to read about the Newman Goldfarb protocol before I start. The RE has been warned repeatedly about my heart conditions and the nurses have made large notes for my file about it.

I have started birth control pills to keep me from ovulating till we do the stims. What irony is it that I'm on the pill the month after having my tubes tied?

Frank's parents were told about all this last week. There's a whole post about that somewhere, but I doubt I'll ever write it. Needless to say, they are very disappointed.

Our GC is being very, very open about the surrogacy. She works at the same place my stepmom works, so my stepmom found out that we were proceeding before I was able to call and tell her. No big deal, but it does reinforce what a small town it is down there and how glad I am to have moved.

What haven't I done? Started believing this will actually work. Planned for how we will proceed if it doesn't work.

I foresee a very interesting holiday season.


Becky said...

I'll be very interested to follow your journey here. I imagine Frank's parents had some similar reactions to what my parents did to the idea of surrogacy. [insert eye roll] I'm very excited for you both! I had the same sense of irony when they put me on BCPs (knowing I had no tubes) for our first IVF cycle.

Anonymous said...

Irony, it's not just for the anemic anymore.

I'm hoping things go smoothly. I'm getting Christmas stuff ready now, so I'll have less to worry about come December.