Monday, October 27, 2008

Meal Planning

Do you meal plan for the week? We started meal planning after Frank was laid off and money got much, much tighter. We'd always done some meal planning, but not to the obsessive degree that I do now.
Since there are only 3 in our family, leftovers can be a hassle. A full size dish feeds us twice usually. But no one wants to eat the same meal two days in a row. So our leftovers used to just rot in the fridge.

Now I freeze a half portion, pack lunches with portable leftovers or plan another meal with the base of the first meal.

This week we are having:
Pizza night. Homemade pizza with whatever topping we can pull out of the fridge. The mozzarella I bought last week for lasagne should be used up with this. Salad and some other veggie side dish

Salmon and quinoa with sweet potato french fries and another veggie. Leftovers will be turned into stirfry

Stirfry frozen shrimp or tofu with leftover salmon and veggies. Brown rice , possibly potstickers

Pumpkin carving party afterschool.
Figs from the state park wrapped in prosciutto I had frozen from Grocery Outlet
Prosciutto egg cups
gingerbread cake
giant pot of pasta with leftover veggies, crispy prosciutto, olive oil and parmesan
Friends are bringins salad and another sweet

Sarah is off with her dad for Halloween. :( But Frank and I will have leftover pasta, possibly like baked ziti and salad.

Saturday is up for grabs and I work Sunday. So I'll have to see what we can do for those days.

P.S. I voted today. :)

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Becky said...

Hmm. Meal planning consists of me walking into the kitchen roughly 45 minutes before dinner is due to be served whereby I stand in front of the open fridge/freezer and contemplate the options. Then I stare at the pantry shelves. If inspiration doesn't strike or if the cubbords are bare, then pasta wins or we call out for take-out. But I do try to roughly plan meals when I do my grocery shopping. I have pot roast and salmon in the freezer. The trick is remembering to defrost them in time. ;)