Thursday, October 16, 2008

Presidential Debate

We went to the Solano Democratic Headquarters last night and watched the debate. What a great debate!
It was much more spirited and revealed so much more about the candidates than the previous debates had. I think Bob Schieffer (sp?) did a good job as moderator and got in some great questions. I think McCain showed a lot of anger and disrespect. I felt that Obama showed a very calm and confident manner. I do like Obama's healthcare plan, a lot. I freak out at the idea of McCain's Troops to Teachers. Oh, that pesky CBEST, shoot, we should just let anyone teach, especially those at high risk for PTSD and depression. Now, if he were to say, "Let's train these soldiers to put away the fighting mentality, train them to teach and get appropriate credentials and find a way to pay for all of it, then put them to work in the areas of most need." Now that I could get behind. But it all comes down to training and funding.

My WTF?? moment:

McCain using air quotes to say "health of the mother" as a reason behind abortion. I can understand why someone is totally anti abortion under any circumstances. Just say it. I do not shy away from discussing my views on abortion and the reasoning behind it, because I am secure and confident in my own decision making. Don't belittle half the human race by doing it in a condescending way. As someone whose health would be at risk in a pregnancy I call him on it. I emailed the McCain campaign to let him know my displeasure and my story.

You can see the youtube clip of this here. It's at 1:32 of the discussion.

And btw, no one is PRO abortion. Everyone seeks to reduce the need for abortions. Yes, I said need. Because if my pregnancy test before my tubal ligation surgery next Wednesday comes back positive, I will NEED an abortion. Not because I want one, not that it won't break my heart, not that any child wouldn't be wanted and adored, but because I want to live to mother my existing child.

From a recent discussion I have this to say:

Read the comments to see why I am posting this.

We as a society have a responsibility to behave a certain way. We all share this responsibility. No one side is always right, nor is one side always wrong. However, we need to treat each other with common decency and respect. Calling Sarah Palin a C*** on a tee shirt shows no respect. Yelling, "Sit down, boy" at a rally shows no respect. They are not equal statements, they do not carry equal weight, but they both must stop.

So this is my challenge to you, America. Do not lower yourself. Respect yourself and your neighbors by engaging in polite, thoughtful discourse. Name calling, race baiting(I'm looking at you Gov. Palin and you Sen. McCain and the lines of people with monkeys, signs and shirts at your rallies), spewing hate and misogyny (yes, calling anyone a c*** is misogynistic in my book) is not allowed. Now, go play nicely.

And Go OBAMA!!

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