Wednesday, January 28, 2009

12 Days and counting

Dad is out of the ICU now and in a regular room. He is able to walk a small distance as long as he's supported and he seems to be recovering as fast as we could hope. He still has a long way to go, hopefully he'll be out of the hospital sometimes next week. The wound vac is still on and will be for a while. His neck IV will be removed before he leaves the hospital, since he already has the port in his chest. He's onto fentanyl patches instead of IV drip, off all morphine now. The incision is over 12 inches long down his abdomen. I see him losing weight daily. I can see his skin hang slack where there used to be muscle. The TPN needs to get him more iron or else he'll need to be getting transfusions. He had a transfusion two days ago for low hemoglobin. Hmm, anyone think the thalassemia could be adding to his issues?
The meds are giving him some confusion, I hope that eases as they are weaned down. He keeps asking if he has to have another surgery.

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