Wednesday, January 14, 2009

aaaaaand, we're back

Regularly scheduled posting to resume in 3, 2, 1.....

The weekend was almost a loss, we didn't really finish anything, just started on tons of projects. We should have finished things, but we're good at that denial thing.

Frank's parents are here this weekend, send me valium and well wishes. I have tons to do before they're here, it looks like tiny pirates invaded our house and looted and pillaged. No raping though, that's not allowed in my post feminist fantasy.

I took Sarah for a blood test on Monday. Oh how I felt like the mean mom. She was so brave and strong until they stuck the needle in and starting rooting for a vein. I wish he'd got it on the first poke instead of having to search. :( She did really well though, the tears were dried up soon and we went to the park. Hopefully the bloodwork will show why she's still so very tired. I'm crossing my fingers for something easily corrected with a pill. sigh.

Frank's test results should be in soon as well. And of course I'm due for another echo. When will healthcare take a back seat to life here? Are we doomed to a life where healthcare reigns?

Frank is doing well with his denial, he's started researching MBA programs. The soonest he would start is next spring, but it's disheartening to see him do this right now. It's as if he's already given up on another child and is just going to move on to his next goal. I know in some ways that it's healthy, but dammit, we don't even have the first set of test results back.

That's the latest, now I'm off to paint and sand and clean. Wish me luck.