Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I started a circuit training/fitness class on Friday that lasts for 8 weeks. The first class tests your physical abilities and is designed to show you your progress at the end. I'm the youngest by two decades. Guess who was first up from the wall squats??? ding ding ding. At least I did the most pushups and had the best flexibility. Who knew my legs were so fickle?
I wonder if there is any correlation between the oxygenation of my cells and the meds I'm on. If my medication keeps my heart rate down, then the blood won't ever speed around picking up CO2 and depositing more oxygen. Hmmm, that sounds like an excuse to me.

I will just work around it. I already feel better, although I got a bug this weekend and am just getting ready to back to the gym for the first time since Friday.

S's teacher pulled me aside this morning and suggested I get her tested for some educational delays. :( I have had some niggling doubts for the last few months, but it's always hard to hear that something might be wrong with your kid. My vote is for visual processing issues. I don't think she actually processes what she sees correctly, because if you verbally say the letters she can read a word. It will be interesting to see what the testing shows.

I really want cookies and cake right now, my default eating pattern when I'm stressed. Instead I had chicken soup (made from the roasted chicken leftovers) and now apples dipped in plain yogurt with honey. MMMMMM. It's not cheesecake, but I'll live.

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