Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family History

Mother:  Mitral valve prolapse with replaced mitral valve at 46 years.  High blood pressure.  Obese.  Arthritis.  History of addiction.

Father: Abdominal Cancer at 51 (desmoid tumors).  Obese. History of addiction.  

Brother:  Detached retina x 2 (both eyes, different events).

Maternal Grandfather:  Died of liver cancer at 65 (he was a mennonite, never smoke, drank or even swore).  Arthritis.

Maternal Grandmother:  MVP with no replacement.  Congestive heart failure.  High blood pressure.  Type II diabetes managed with injectable insulin.  History of obesity, now normal weight.

Maternal Great-Grandmother:  died of "heart problems"  at 36.  No further information available.

Paternal Grandmother:  obese, Type II diabetes (non-compliant), history of addiction.

Paternal Grandfather:  obese, MI at 40, 43 and death by MI at 45, heavy smoker and drinker.

Maternal aunt x 2:  MVP, no repair

No wonder I'm so fucked up.

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Becky said...

Hmm. Your family health history reads a bit like John's. Heart problems all over the map. John has MVP and takes a beta-blocker.