Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am amazed

I received a bill from Quest Diagnostics for my latest blood test to check sodium and potassium levels (meds might screw those up).  It was for $196.  Hmmm, that's odd.  I thought it would be $10 for blood work.  I also received an Explanation of Benefits from Blue Shield saying that the test or procedure they were denying was experimental or unproven and therefore not covered under my kickass expensive we'll do this cause we have to insurance plan. Speaking of which we might switch to an HMO to reduce costs.  As of July 1 we have to pay 10% of all diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, ambulance rides etc.  I could see that getting very much out of hand.  I know that insurance is better than no insurance, but I also know that we will spend over $1000 out of pocket this month on that 10%.  I just have to do the research on my meds and doctors to find out if they are covered under the HMO plan instead of the PPO.

Hmmmm.  Experimental test??  Lemme check that lab requisition.  LP-PLA2.  Dr. Google here I come.  Hmmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.  I do believe that I was never notified about this test.  I don't have any of the risk factors to take this test.  Shocking, I know.  I seem to have risk factors for everything else.

I call the Cardiologist's office.  Medical billing lady says, let me go check the forms.  Hmmmm.  I'll call you back.

Prompt call back.  (shocking, I know).   (.). I always forget where the period goes with parentheses or brackets.  Ma'am, this test was a mistake on the part of our office.  Please read me the account number and contact phone for Quest so that I can take care of this for you.

Cue shocked silence on my part.  Then clear recital of all requested information.

I am amazed.  Someone, a doctor, nurse, tech, etc, ANYONE, in a medical position screwed up on my care or management.  That, in itself is not surprising, I forgive anyone mistakes.  What's amazing is that they owned up to the mistake and are making appropriate steps to fix the mistake.  Without costing me $196.

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Becky said...

*jaw hangs slack* Wow. Our Ped triple billed us for one visit and they are STILL trying to make us pay. Four times we have cleared the error only to have a collections agency call us yet again. We have never had those kinds of calls EVER...being anal about paying bills in full and on time. Ya know. LOL