Thursday, December 4, 2008

And another one down

Frank did his testing and samples today. He said it was much more difficult than he thought it would be and weird. He also said the porn was all really old.

I am still on birth control pills till December 11, then off for five days, then on again December 16. Then on pills with the GC for a bit, then LUPRON.
I have another appointment on the 17th for med training and possibly some of the FDA donor stuff.

We go for our psych testing tomorrow. GC and hubby go on the 13th. Then the legal contracts can be finalized and we're good to go for meds.

They are ordering our meds before we sign final contracts because we're cutting time so close. If this first try doesn't work we'd like the chance to do another transfer quickly. Since our GC has a very set timeline she wants to work with, we're really moving fast.

But hey, We'll know in 6 weeks if we're preggo.

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Becky said...

Take extra extra calcium with the Lupron. It leaches it from the bones and long term use can lead to early onset of osteoperosis. Luckily for IVF is a pretty short round. :)