Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to,,

Today I turned 34. It will be eleven more years until the digits in my age are consecutive. I actually went a good part of the last year thinking I was already 34, so I find it kind of funny that my mom and I had to verify age last night. Mom came up to watch Sarah so I could work yesterday and hang out for my birthday. She and Sarah made me bagels and coffee for breakfast, super yummy.

We dropped off a potluck lunch item at Frank's work for their end of year party and then hit the mall. I have been to a mall approximately 4 times this whole year, so it was a somewhat overwhelming experience. I didn't see the massive sales everyone has been talking about, just the regular after holiday stuff. I did buy two new pairs of shoes to celebrate my new mid thirties persona. Josef Siebel's and Ecco's. I'm officially an old european man. But my tootsies are so comfy.

No news on the surrogacy front for now, waiting and waiting for appointments and approvals and all that crap. I'm tempted to just sign up with an adoption agency to start the process, but know it's premature.

Short note about the holidays:
MIL mentioned she'd like twelve grandkids. I said, "oh you're 25% there". Her answer, who's the third, I only have two. (Frank's sis has two kids, we have Sarah). Niiiiiiiiice one grandma.

One of the aforementioned two kids saying to me, "you no have babies", "I had Sarah, she was a baby a long time ago." "No, you no have babies any more cause you broken." :stunned silence that she had been told something about any of this: "No, no I won't kiddo."

I drank a large amount of rum in the past two weeks. nuff said.

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday hun. I feel your pain about the thoughtless comments from so-called family. And who gossips about such a sensitive subject with young children?! Sheesh!