Monday, December 15, 2008


Karma's a bitch. My guess is that the universe wants my partner to learn more and more what it's like to be me. The appointment for tomorrow was cancelled because the insurance won't pay for it. The coding was for male factor infertility from the SA, since our insurance covers NO infertility treatments they won't cover if the ICD 9 code isn't correct. So, I get to call insurance tomorrow and let them know about all the horrible things that could be the cause of the whacked out semenalysis and then do battle.
I'll probably have to have our GP refer under a different code. Generalized testicular anxiety is my preference.

Sarah's bday turned out great. We gave her an American Girl doll on her birthday. She was so surprised she cried. She said she didn't think we could afford something that big. She was so gracious. I am such a lucky mama. So far the doll has gone to sleep with her hair net on in her original box every night.

Her party was Saturday and we ended up with 23 people here. The chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels were the biggest hit, followed by the lemon cake and the candy sushi. I wish I had taken pictures of the sushi, it was really quite cute.

We did a mystery party for Detective Sarah and Frank stole the cake and put it in the dryer. We had a compass, magnifying glasses, a riddle and fingerprinting for each clue. The kids had a great time.

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