Friday, December 5, 2008

The End

We got a call from the RE that there were no sperm in the sample. None.

Now our main focus is to make sure Frank is healthy and regroup.

It was so hard to tell him I know exactly how he feels. But I do unfortunately.


Becky said...

Oh hun...what a kick in the gut. I know VERY well what it feels like to be the "broken" one. The one who couldn't make our dream happen. It's all on me (and that still kills me at times). I know Frank must be devistated. But in a weird way, I envy you that you both share the burden of your infertility woes now. *sigh* Can anything be done? Avoid the hot tub? Wear boxers? Or is this a case of late chicken pox, too many x-rays, or hemochromatosis type scenario? I'll hope for the best case for you both.

bumpfairy said...

Oh damn. Ours was also male factor, and this just hurts me to read. Hugs to you, manly pat on the back to Frank with a loud cussing session. My DH took his issues really hard, so I do know where you're coming from. I know with DH it was hardest when planning the next step. There IS a next step, but him knowing that *he* was the cause of the necessity was a real, huge ego blow on top of a true pain. You'll get through it. I promise.