Friday, December 5, 2008

On our way

To the psychologist today. Doing our psych screening at 11:30. Now, how to seem normal and not crazy? That's gonna be tough.

But there's a bonus since we're going to San Rafael, we'll stop for cubano sandwiches for lunch at Sol Food. MMMMM. Maybe even stop at Muffin Mania and bring some home to Sarah.

I'm nervous, not because I think we won't pass, but because this person has the power to approve or disapprove of us and that is scary to me. I don't do well with allowing other people to make choices in my life and this feels very much like that. While I know she is only doing an evaluation and making recommendations, it still feels like she can really upset our rickety ship of dreams here.

When does this ever feel normal? Will I ever feel normal again, or is there always going to be some part that feels broken, weird, abnormal?

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Becky said...

We went through a similar evaluation too. Plus a home inspection. I know EXACTLY how you feel here. People who easily conceive and give birth the conventional way never experience this...never give it a moments thought because it's alien to their average experience. Funny thing is...I think EVERYONE should have to pass a psych eval and home study before having a child. LOL! Think about it!